An Unknown Location

You have to start somewhere. This is why i find myself sitting in front of a computer sipping an espresso wondering where it is that I’m starting from, a distant desire to write seems to the the only indication of where I am. And what the hell should I write about. I suppose that the purpose of this blog will be to provide something of value to both of the parties involved, i.e. me, the writer and you, the reader. Being an incredibly vague and subjective word I guess I should at least try to explain what that might mean.

I intend to establish this blog on a foundation of honesty. So I must first admit that this blog may be of value to me as it enables me to jot down a few thoughts and in doing so will perhaps give some clarity or at least a record of some of my own ideas and opinions. As a second year philosophy student I have found that my entire world view may change from one view point to a diametrically opposed one every few days. A loose record of the progression of ideas may be of some use to me. At the very least the process of attempting to explain an idea to a hypothetical reader should give me some clarification of what i believe. While i have constantly felt aggrieved at obligatory writing tasks throughout my education I cannot deny that they have enabled me to develop my ability to appreciate and create work today. This leaves me at a loss of a direction that i should attempt this in.

Already this short note is beginning to sound a lot like an undergraduate philosophy essay which shows another reason for its purpose; to write less like a philosophy student. For me, the possibility of writing on something other than a set philosophical task results in an oppressive amount of freedom. When you can choose any destination, where do you go? Despite this I hope to be able to offer rants that are in some way interesting to the reader. It is likely that I will not be able to communicate precisely the meaning that i intend  in all cases, often a book would be required to definitively explain a concept. However in my opinion is is not always interesting to give a fully objective account of something as this practice may easily fall into tedium or even nihilism. Instead I intend to offer my own take on an eclectic medley of issues with out the pretence that every conclusion I reach is original or even my own. Yet I have arrived at the holistic web of (sometimes contradicting) beliefs that I have because of the ideas that have been conveyed by others. The way I perceive the world and think about it now is because of the concepts that I hold so these should be constantly questioned and reassessed and perhaps i can in someway invoke something of interest by doing so.

I may not be able to provide something of value but why is it that so much of the media today is considered to be of value? It seems to me that it has value as we give it value. For me, something is of value because of the ideas (in a very broad way) that it initiates. This isn’t really a starting point but perhaps an attitude that can be used to understand where you are. But then I might change my mind by tomorrow and start writing about something thats somewhere else completely.

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